The health apps you need in your life

Okay maybe you don’t need these, but I highly suggest them all for different reasons. All the apps I list below are free, and of course, I am not sponsored by anyone, these are all apps that I truly enjoy.

  1. Health-The health app that iPhone’s offer is completely underrated. While a lot of apps like Nike+RunClub use a ton of battery, this is always running and barely uses any. It’s a lot simpler than those apps, it just tracks mileage. I love to just look at this app if maybe I was going on a hike or just walking around all day. It’s nice to know that while those things might not seem super active, they actually are.
  2. Nike+RunClub-I love this running app because not only does it track your distance and pace like a normal app would, you are able to add notes about each of your runs. This is great if you’re trying to get into shape because you can comment on your improvement each day. I also like how they have lots of promotions. Usually, they will have something every couple months where the goal is to run a mile a day. for instance. This makes it super social, even if you’re running by yourself because you can track your friends and see how they’re doing also
  3. Sworkit-This app has just about everything when it comes to short workouts at home. Before this, if I ever did home workouts I looked them up on Youtube. I didn’t love this because they don’t really have a great selection geared toward certain things and they aren’t very time sensitive. With Sworkit you can choose the difficulty, time, and what you want to target (this includes if you want to strengthen or ┬ájust tone.)
  4. Yoga Studio-I love using this app before bed because it really helps me relax and shut my brain off. This app has a ton of different sessions to choose from so you could work on strengthening, or you could just go through the movements to relax.Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.41.14 PM.png
  5. Stride Lab-This is great for runners who maybe want to take their running to the next level. This helps perfect your form which can really help you in the end. For me, this app actually really did help, I used to have some pain while running because of my poor form, but it really has cleared up. If it detects a problem it gives you some exercises that you can do to hopefully help whatever was causing the problem. Of course, if you are having real pain you should go get it looked at by a doctor, I’m speaking from personal experience when I say this, one small thing could hold you back years.
  6. Headspace-Mental health is something I feel like everyone forgets about. It’s just as important as staying fit and eating healthy is. This is a meditation app to help you find some peace during a busy day. Usually, I will do some yoga and then go into this app. By the end, I’m knocked out cold. Meditation isn’t just useful for relaxing, it really helps with focus in everyday tasks and you can definitely see the results after using this for only a little bit.
  7. MyPlate-This app is more geared towards weight loss, which is something I don’t really love about it. I have yet to find a free app where you can just track what you are eating. If you guys know of any definitely let me know in the comments below, it would be greatly appreciated. I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth and sometimes I’ll just forget what I’ve eaten so I’ll continue to eat sweets whenever I get a craving. This is obviously not very healthy, but being responsible for what I eat and writing it down really seems to help me. Food journals don’t work the best for me because I won’t ever carry around a notebook, but my phone is connected to my hand at all times.

I definitely use all of these apps on almost a daily basis, and they’re all FREE. I find them all super user-friendly, so if you are looking for anything I just described, definitely go check them out. They changed my perspective on my body completely, I never knew it was so easy to be so healthy.

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