10 Movies you NEED to rewatch this summer

As almost half the summer is over, things are starting to slow down, well at least for me. This means Netflix has become my new best friend, I’m not gonna lie. Below I listed 10 movies you have to watch at least once this summer, just for kicks and giggles. I tried to include a little bit of everything, so enjoy!

  1. White Chicks-Okay this movie is a classic and we all know it. I just watched it on the way home from a vacation and it really never gets old. This is a great pick me up movie, honestly just a great comedy in general.
  2. Grease-If this movie doesn’t want you to reverse time and go back to high school, I don’t know what will. The puppy love is undeniable and could you ask for anything more? The thing that I really love about this movie is that it’s not the super sappy love story, the guy is a douchebag in front of his friends, something we can all relate to.
  3. Legally Blonde-Not going to lie, this movie made me want to be a lawyer and go to Harvard. That dream was quickly dissolved when I found out exactly what Harvard was and how difficult it was to get in. That’s okay though, I figured out my way.
  4. Chicago-If you love musicals, this is definitely the movie for you. I don’t want to give too much away, but the songs are some of the most catchy songs I’ve ever heard. As I’m watching the movie I feel myself getting excited about the songs, it’s just a great movie overall.
  5. 10 things I hate about you-Okay, this is probably one of the more sappy love stories. It’s okay though because it’s such a great movie. Honestly still looking for my own Patrick.
  6. Magic Mike-This is definitely one of those movies you bring out on girls night. Magic Mike and wine, does it get any better?
  7. The Lizzie McGuire movie-If this doesn’t give you the travel fever, I don’t know what will. When I was in high school and I watched this I remember desperately wanting to go out of the country and escape with a foreign boy.
  8. Anastasia-Honestly I have a love/hate relationship with this movie. I’m not going to lie the main villain still freaks me out, especially in the beginning. You gotta love the ending though, who doesn’t love a good Disney movie ending?
  9. Camp Rock-I always wanted to go to a camp like this when I was in high school. I went to camps, but never in cabins on a lake. I would just imagine all the great scenarios that could happen while on a lake as a teenager, who knows maybe I would’ve met the love of my life, just like the main characters there.
  10. Mean Girls-This one needs to be in the hall of fame for movies. I don’t even know what to say about this movie that hasn’t already been said. It’s hilarious, and although it’s exaggerated it’s relatable and wonderful in every way. This is another classic girls night movie, so in case Magic Mike isn’t enough, here ya go.

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