Ways to make exercise social-Summer Edition

Everyone wants to be healthy, but constantly going to the gym can be draining, trust me I know. This summer one of my goals was to find ways to exercise that I thoroughly enjoy. My thoughts were that I love summertime and IĀ also love working out, so why not combine the two right?

  1. Yoga-This is one thing that I have definitely warmed up to over the past couple years. Yoga has a reputation for being a little bit on the expensive side, but there’s always a way around that. A lot of times, if you look for it, different organizations will offer a free class every once in awhile. Another way to avoid cost is to just get a couple friends together, find a nice peaceful spot, and do it yourself.
  2. Hiking/Biking– I like these exercises because they usually aren’t super intense, so you get to catch up with old friends without dying for a breath of air. There are constantly new trails popping up everywhere. Finding these trails and getting a couple of friends together is a great way to branch out. You could even bring a picnic with you, just imagine the Instagram pictures (; One of the best things about this is that it requires no planning, all you have to do is send a text to the groupchat and you’re good to go.
  3. Kayaking/Paddleboarding-These activities are another way to get outdoors and get in a pretty good workout. The thing I love about kayaking and paddleboarding is that you can make it as hard, or easy, as you would like. Most people don’t really do this on a daily basis, so if you’re ever feeling bored in the gym, getting in just one different workout can make the biggest difference. This exercise is also pretty cheap, almost free even! Depending on where you go, you usually won’t pay more than 10 dollars an hour to rent one.
  4. Fun 5-K-These past couple of years different 5-K’s have started popping up everywhere. Now not only can you run one, you could do anything from a color run to a bouncy house run. These are a great way to try something new, but you know you’ll absolutely love it, who wouldn’t love 3.1 miles of bouncy house? This hobby can get a little expensive though, especially fun runs like the bouncy house run. In my opinon it’s totally worth it to say that you ran a 5-K and loved it.

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