Everyday Makeup-Summer Edition

When I say “every day”, what I really mean is a couple days a week that I feel like not looking like a potato. Especially in the summer when it’s hot and humid. I feel like in the summertime it’s “in” to go natural, and that just works in my favor.

Before I start this I just want to say that I am no beauty guru. This makeup routine is for the average woman who can apply makeup decently but can barely do eyeliner.

So to start off, I always do my skin routine in the morning, that is something that I will never skip (if you guys want to know about that just let me know). I don’t usually use concealer on a day to day basis, just when I want to get a little more dressed up.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 12.00.09 PM

Once I finish cleansing my face I’ll use the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue. I love this product because it’s buildable, which is great if you want to dress it up a little bit if you’re going out to dinner after running errands all day. It’s also a tinted moisturizer so it’s super lightweight and moisturizes at the same time, which I love. To blend this into my face I use a beauty blender. Instead of just dabbing at the product I like to do a dab-stroke kind of motion. This helps make the layer thinner, which is great in the summer when you just want a little something.

That will be the only thing I apply to my face like I said I’m no beauty guru, so just tinted moisturizer doesn’t bother me. If it’s a super relaxed day, I may even skip this step and just go straight to brows, which I cannot leave the house without.

On my eyebrows, I use both the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. I like the hold of the brow gel, my brows are pretty wild but this product tames them perfectly. With the brow wiz, I love how you could make it look super natural, which is great in the summer or build it up a little bit. If you couldn’t tell, I love me some buildable products.

Once I have finished with my brows I move onto my eyelashes. First I’ll curl my eyelashes (I think I might’ve gotten my eyelash curler from Target?) and swipe on some mascara. I use the Benefit They’re Real mascara, and I love how natural it makes your eyelashes look. If it’s super hot out and I know I’ll be outside a ton I may just skip the mascara also, and just curl my eyelashes. I naturally have pretty dark eyelashes, so mascara or no mascara doesn’t make the biggest difference.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you back here on Friday! Don’t forget to track me down on social media!

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